Fiber Compactor Type FK

The separating and compacting units of type FK are perfectly suitable for different kinds of fibers, paper residue, edge strips, foil shreds and different shredded plastics.


The solid particles are extracted from the production process by suction, separated from the air stream and deposited in bags, containers or silos.

Functional Description

The particle-laden air stream enters at the top of the housing through the tangential inlet, flows through the perforated cone and is discharged through the outlet. The collected material and waste is deposited on the inside of the perforated cone.


The material is continuously scraped off and compacted by a plug screw. The pre-compacted material is pressed against a diaphragm at the bottom outlet opening.


With the pressure of the following material the diaphragm opens and the material is discharged pressure-free and countinuously. This continuous operation of the units prevents fluctuations in the extraction system.


  • Separator and compactor in one unit
  • Continuous operation
  • High material and air flow capacity
  • Sturdy construction
  • Pressure-free discharge
  • No fluctuations in the extraction system

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